5 Things You Need This Summer
23 November 2020

5 Things You Need This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and after the year we’ve had there’s never been a better time to chill with friends, get on the refreshments and listen to some bangers.

So to make sure you look good whilst doing all of this we’ve compiled a list of summer must-haves you’ll need to add to your wardrobe. So shop now and thank us later.


If you haven’t heard, we’re all about linen this season with linen shirts, pants, shorts and suits making an appearance. This super-breathable fabric is perfect for warmer weather and as we like to say - is the good kind of creased.


Get some cool new shades for the season ahead. Matching your sunnies with your outfit is next level sophistication so build a collection this summer so you’re set for every occasion.


Chances are you’ll find yourself on some spontaneous adventures this Summer. So don’t get caught short in some tight pants you’re guaranteed to rip. The Herston Short comes in your favourite colours & has stretch in all the right places...if you know what we mean!


For those who like to rock a sneaker or loafer without socks...what are you doing?! We get you’re trying to achieve a certain look but you can still have naked ankles and shoes that won’t smell if you chuck on some invisible socks.


Speaking of feet, make sure to get yourself a new pair of loafers this season! We can guarantee you’ll be attending lots of events where a thong or flip-flop won’t cut it. 



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