How To Buy A Suit Online
9 October 2020

How To Buy A Suit Online

It’s Monday morning and you suddenly remember you’ve got an event Friday night that requires you to SUIT UP!

Lucky for you we’re here to save your sorry arse and deliver a top-notch suit straight to your door.

However, just like ordering the perfect foot-long sandwich from Subway, there’s a couple of steps you need to follow to get exactly what you want.


Step 1 in this process is heading to the yd. size guide and pulling out a tape measure. Yeah, you might think you're a 32 in the waist, but making sure you get the right size is so important when it comes to buying a suit. There's not that much room for error here and you don't want to have to pull out your year 12 formal suit at the last minute.


At yd. we sell suit jackets and pants separately, just in case your proportions are different. So once you’ve added your suit jacket to your cart make sure to add the matching suit pants in the size you need. The last thing you want is to rock up to an event with no pants...


You’ve measured yourself and ordered your suit jacket and pants. Now that they’ve arrived you need to make sure the sleeve and pant length fit you properly. If you know what you’re doing can either pin these yourself and take them to your local alterations business OR, you can go to a tailor and have them do this for you. 

Don’t worry 9/10 guys will have to get their suits altered, not even Chris Hemsworth is sample size.


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