How To Choose A Suit
5 February 2021

How To Choose A Suit

Every guy should own a suit, whether it’s from your year 12 formal or the suit you wore on your wedding day, we’re not excepting any excuses why you haven’t ticked this must-have item off your list.

There’s no denying that we transform into our alter egos when we put on a suit that fits properly. The James Bond comes out in us and we start saying weird things like “shaken not stirred” when asked "if we want a coke with that" in the drive-thru. 

So whether you’re a suit virgin or if you’re looking for advice, you’ve come to the right place to find a suit that will make you look sharp and feeling ‘effing’ fantastic.


So where to start? If you’re going suit shopping then there’s got to be a reason for it. Nine times out of ten men usually don’t just buy a suit for the hell of it, unless you just love keeping your suit collection up to date then we’re 100% for it. 



Anyway...the point is, are you buying a suit for an interview, a wedding, work, school formal or black-tie event? The occasion will determine what colour you go for and if it’s appropriate to wear a check or pinstripe pattern. 


If you’re wanting to buy a suit that serves multiples purposes then you should think of getting a black or navy suit. It’s a solid bet that these colours are guaranteed to never go out of style which is good for you and good for your bank account as well. It’s just up to you to make sure it still fits this time next year!




On the other hand, if you’ve been invited to a mates wedding then you probably don’t want to wear the same old ‘go-to’ suit that’s made an appearance several times throughout the year. It’s nice to get something a bit more special like a textured or check suit. This will also make you more appealing to the single people you might bump into during the night.


Gone are the days where it was acceptable to rent a suit that was two sizes too big. Especially when it’s so affordable to purchase you’re own suit and have it tailored specifically for you. The only request we have is that you opt for a slim or a skinny fit suit. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone in an ill-fitting suit when just a few tweaks can make such a difference.




The best thing about shopping for a suit at yd. is that you can purchase your suit jacket and suit pants separately. So it doesn’t matter if you have muscly thighs, a beer belly or broad shoulders, you’re not locked into a suit set which so many other brands do. Just hop on our size guide to figure out which suit jacket and pant size are best for you. 

To make things even better you can also head into one of our Australian stores to have your pant or sleeve length altered. We work with the best local alterations companies to make sure you’re suit fits you perfectly.


Congratulations, you’ve nailed the colour, pattern and fit of your suit. Trust us it will all be worth it when it all comes together. Now you have to think about what shirt you’re going to wear as well as a waistcoat, belt, tie, pocket square, tie pin, shoes, cufflinks, and don’t forget the lapel pin. All these details are just as important as the suit itself when it comes to looking sharp. 



If you want to be bold try floral patterns and statement colours. If you’re after something more muted then you’ll find an endless amount of dress shirts at yd. that fit the build. We suggest pairing plainer shirts with a patterned tie and pocket square.

Last but not least finish off your complete look with a spritz of cologne (not too much) and nice looking watch. You’re only as good as you’re the first impression so make it count and don’t f*ck it up.


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