What To Wear This Xmas
10 November 2020

What To Wear This Xmas

If you’re anything like us, then there’s no judgement in getting a new outfit for an event. Especially when the event is Xmas and the outfit is from yd. 

So however you’re celebrating this year, make sure you get a new outfit to match.


The sun is shining, your dad is man-ing the BBQ and you’ve already sunk a few cheeky bevvies. There’s no going past a Short Sleeve Shirt and a pair of Shorts for such an occasion. Wear it back with a pair of Loafers and before you know it, you’ll be promoted to grill master.


There comes a time when the whole family gets together and you have to pull out all the stops so you keep your reign as the favourite grandchild. If that’s the case then Opt for a Blazer, Chinos and a Long Sleeve Shirt. If you don't land the number one spot, then we're not to blame here ;)


If you’re making an appearance at your girlfriends/boyfriends place this year, then this is your chance to cement in your future in-law's minds that you are totally worth their daughters/sons time. Events like this call for a pair of Check Chinos and a breathable Linen Shirt. Comfy enough to wear the whole day without breaking a sweat and sharp enough to receive the tick of approval.


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