Which Suit Suits You?
8 September 2020

Which Suit Suits You?

It’s time to dust off your year 10 formal suit, put it in a reusable bag and THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!

Ok, so maybe not literally out the window, but let’s be honest if you’ve been wearing the same D grade suit for the past 5 years then you’re probably due for an upgrade.

But don’t worry that’s why we are here! Let us help you find your perfect suit based on your personal style.



If you’re shy under the covers then you need The Wraith Suit. You'll love the slim fit and the attention to detail. Plus the discreet navy or black finish pairs with any shirt in your wardrobe.


If you like keeping up with trends but refuse to wear a men's romper then we suggest The Vincent Skinny Suit. With just enough pattern to turn heads, you’ll be event hopping in this suit with ease.


Let’s get serious. If your suit game is strong then you need The Hollywood Suit in your life. They say the suit makes the man, but in this 2 piece ensemble, the suit will be doing all the talking.


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