yd. in true New Year Style

So it’s another new year and you’ve promised yourself another new you. We all know that this is rubbish and you’ll be skipping leg day & diving into that McRib before you know it.

We’ve got 3 resolutions that you should never make, because let’s face it, you’re going to get wasted and forget you ever made them in the first place.

1. Make more time for your mates

We’ve all tried to live by the saying ‘bro’s before hoe’s’ but let’s be real, your girlfriend still won’t have a bar of it. She is the most important person to you and even in 2019 this won’t change. If you’re about to put a ring on it, remember this, happy wife, happy life.

2. Learn something new

You’re on your way home from uni where when you see a gang of cool kids smashing out some sick tricks at the local skate park. You know you’re in trouble when you call them ‘sick tricks’ but you convince yourself you can be the next Tony Hawk. After a week of fail attempts you soon realise the only skate trick you’ll be pulling is on your PS4 in between your two-minute noodle & home brew uni diet.

3. Travel somewhere on your bucket list

You’ve insta-stalked some hot spots around the world and have made a mental note that this year you’ll be lying on a beach in some obscure European country. When in reality, after you fix up your car rego & pay back your parents you’ll be finding a filter that makes Bondi Beach look cooler than it actually is (#blessed).

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