What The Tuck
3 months ago

What The Tuck

To tuck or not to tuck...that is the question! 

For as long as guys have been wearing clothes they’ve been tucking in their shirts. We did go through that stage in the 90’s where it was cool to have your pants half-way down your ass, but that story is for another day.

Now there are so many different ways to tuck your shirt that there should be a dictionary. So we’ve picked out the three you need to know that you can use on an everyday basis. 


Ok, fun’s over let’s get serious. A French Tuck is when you tuck the front of your shirt into your pants. It looks super cool and can elevate your look quicker than you can down a pack of six nugs.


If you don’t want to go all the way then give this one a go on the weekend. The half-tuck looks best on relaxed shirts like our West Hampton Linen Shirt and is the epitome of casual + cool vibes.


Everyone knows what tucking your shirt in looks like, so instead of telling you why you should do it we’re going to break down HOW to do it (the right way).

To be honest there's just one tip we want to give you and that’s to start at the back. If you do this then you're guaranteed not to f*ck it up.